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The name of this organization shall be the International Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation, hereinafter referred to as the Foundation


The purpose of the Foundation shall be:

  • A. To contribute to public welfare by advancement of care for patients with cleft lip and palate, through volunteer activity, charity surgery missions and fund raising.
  • B. To take and hold by bequest, devise, gift, grant, purchase, lease or otherwise, either absolutely or jointly with any other person or persons or corporations for any of the purposes set forth in this Article, any property, real, personal or mixed. Or any undivided interest therein, without limitation as to amount or value, to convey, sell or otherwise dispose of such property, and to invest, reinvest and deal with the same in such manner as in the judgement of the trustees will best advance the purposes of the Foundation, subject to such limitations, if any, as are or may be prescribed by statute, but without and free from restrictions applicable to the trustees or trust funds.
  • C. To carry on the following education (literary, public, scientific and charitable) purposes or any of them, both directly and by the application of assets to the use of the Foundation exclusively for the promotion of educational (charitable, scientific or literary) purposes, or to any other corporation, trust fund or foundation whose purposes and operations are exclusively educational (charitable, scientific or literary).
    • (1) To promote the advancement of care for cleft lip and palate patients and of research therein, the diffusion of knowledge thereof, and the continuing education of health professionals.
    • (2) To have developed and presented institutes, lectures and publications devoted to cleft lip and palate.
    • (3) To cause to be published and to distribute papers, addresses, reports, treatises and other publications in the fields of education and science related to cleft lip and palate.


    Section 1 - Incorporation

    The Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Kyoto, Japan on October 23, 1997. It is specially provided in the event of dissolution or winding up of the Foundation all its remaining assets after payment of its liabilities shall be distributed to the Japanese Cleft Palate Foundation and that no part of its funds or property shall be distributed to, or among, its members.

    20 dollars is required as a‚Ž annual membership fee, but 25 dollar will be deducted from the registration fee for the Cleft 2004.If membership fees for 2003 and 2004 are paid in advance, you are also entitled to receive a special member's discount of 50-dollar for the registration fees for the CLEFT 2004 in Halifax.

    Section 2 - Membership

    The membership of the Foundation shall consist of surgeons, orthodontists, speech pathologists, geneticists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, prosthodontists, patients and family members of patients.


    Section 1

    Government of the Foundation shall be by the Board of Trustees as provided in Chapter III of the By-Laws.


    Section 1 - Officers

    The officers of this Foundation shall include a Chairman and a Secretary-General, each of whom shall hold the same position on the Board of Trustees from within its seven member board as provided in Chapter III of the By-Laws.

    Section 2 - Appointive Officer

    • (A) The Secretary-Treasurer of this Foundation shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees and shall hold the same position on the Board of Trustees as provided in Chapter III of the By-Laws.
    • (B) A President shall be appointed for each World Congress.
    • (C) Workshops are chaired by Trustees and/or Executive Board Members who are outstanding exparts of related fields.


      Annual meetings shall be conducted as provided in Chapter II, Section 3 of the By-Laws.


      The provision of this constitution may be repealed or amended by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees at a meeting of the Board of Trustees and that the notice of the proposed amendment shall have been included in the notice convening the general meeting and sanctioned by an affirmative vote of the general membership of at least two-thirds of the members at the meeting duly called for the purpose of such amendment.